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Work efficiently, value the tools you have purchased

Professional service

The authorized BOSCH service center, in direct cooperation with its headquarters in Germany, professionally diagnoses and efficiently services your power tools. Maintain your tools and keep them functional by servicing them with original spare parts . Professional servicing ensures continuation of the tool’s life span while maintaining the professional tool’s quality and maximum usage.

The use of unoriginal spare parts can easily lead to damaging of the other parts of the tool!

Work safely and efficiently by keeping your power tools professional.

Bosch repair service
Bosch repair service

The servicing is performed exclusively with original spare parts. Each repair includes a safety test in order to secure work safety.

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BOSCH Warranty
BOSCH warranty

A 3-year guarantee on professional blue tools;
A 2-year guarantee on green BOSCH tools and garden tools for individuals

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The authorized BOSCH service is open to cooperation with other services on Macedonia’s territory with respect to supply of spare parts for BOSCH power tools.


Address:Sava Kovachevikj 47Nj no. 3 ,Skopje,R.Macedonia (behind Sport Center Rasadnik)


Tel.: +389 2 2 46 76 10
Mob.: + 389 70 595 888

Working time: 08.00 - 16.00

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D.D.Elektris, Sava Kovachevikj 47Nj no. 3 ,Skopje,R.Macedonia (behind Sport Center Rasadnik), Tel.: +389 2 2 46 76 10, Mob.: + 389 70 595 888

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